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       Captives of Mashiach Assembly          

Sin is Lawlessness


If you are reading this then we welcome you to our official website. We are an established Assembly who, within the last few years, are finally making our way to the Online scene.  Below you will see an outline of our core beliefs ranging from banned customs to Holy Doctrine.

Rules, Establishments, Beliefs

Rules & Establishments

·   No swearing by anything in Heaven or on the Earth

·   Let every matter be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses

·   Use reasonable logic. Don't force your beliefs on a scripture, ask others if you are unsure

·   Is a member being abusive or unruly? Contact us

·   Use Hebrew and Aramaic names if possible


 ·   The Mashiach Yahusha from the Gospels isn't God

·   There was no miraculous conception

·   There is no Trinity

·   Christian Holidays = Pagan and are not to be celebrated

·   The Bible has been altered but the truth is within

·   Homosexuality is forbidden

·   Faith, Deeds, and the Law of Moses are all required